Slave Quarters

The Slave Quarters are located on the grounds of Mendenham.

For SlavesEdit

In the mid 1700s when Mendenham had first been established, the Slave Quarters were used are the residence of the slave brought over from Africa and other slave rich countries.

One of the slaves brought over was a Voodoo Priest who performed rituals with the use of the Canari. Rachel McBain the mistress of Mendenham, frequently visited these quarters were she had an affair with another slave. She also became obssessed with Voodoo, the religion of the African slaves.


Come the year 2004, the Slave Quarters were no longer used to house slaves as Mendenham had become a school. As part of the school it was used as a location to hide from the teachers where students smoked or drank alcohol.

Cassie Hughes found the canari with in the slave quarters as she was leaving after having finished smoking.

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