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Episode № Title Original Airdate Director
7 2x01 "Cursed" September 18, 2005 Brian Grant
Cassie begins having nightmares and is stalked by the Nephelim, all the while she and Thelma search for the baby.
8 2x02 "Death Takes The Mother" September 25, 2005 Brian Grant
Cassie attempts to steal her baby back from Azazeal, as Ella prepares for the ritual, and another sacrifice is made.
9 2x03 "Spiral" October 2, 2005 Brian Grant
Ella toys with Leon to draw a seraph out, Roxanne continues with her plan of seduction, and Thelma negotiates with Azazeal.
10 2x04 "Ella Burns" October 16, 2005 Brian Grant
Thelma's deal with Azazeal has tragic results for Ella.
11 2x05 "With A Little Help From My Friends, Part I" October 23, 2005 Brian Grant
With Ella declared a Section 2, Thelma turns to Leon for her rescue.
12 2x06 "With A Little Help From My Friends, Part II" October 30, 2005 Brian Grant
Ella gets sicker as mortality creeps up on her, and Malachi's behaviour concerns Azazeal.
13 2x07 "Noir" November 6, 2005 Brian Grant
Ella and Thelma set about the overthrow of Jez, and Malachi hits town with surprising results.
14 2x08 "Where The Heart Is" November 13, 2005 Brian Grant
Malachi begins to pursue Ella in earnest, Thelma gains a companion, and Leon makes a misstep.
15 2x09 "Doomed" November 20, 2005 Brian Grant
Malachi's and Ella's feelings for each other cause physical problems, Leon plays it cool, and Thelma worries about a mark on Maya.
16 2x10 "You Lose" November 27, 2005 Brian Grant
Ella has done a complete turn-about and is slavishly catering to Malachi who's exploring his newly discovered powers, and it's up to Leon again to save the day - unless Thelma gets in his way.
17 2x11 "Hole" December 4, 2005 Brian Grant
Malachi finds the source of his power, and Ella's means of diminishing it have repercussions for Thelma.
18 2x12 "Seven Deadly Sins" December 11, 2005 Brian Grant
Malachi schemes to reach Leon and Tom, and Thelma's loss helps her choose sides.
19 2x13 "The Showdown" December 18, 2005 Brian Grant
The countdown begins to the end of days, and help comes from an unlikely source.

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