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Episode № Title Original Airdate Director
1 1x01   "The Story Begins, Part I" October 17, 2004 Brian Grant
Cassie must face her destiny when she is unwittingly led to unleash a curse at her public school.
2 1x02   "The Story Begins, Part II" October 17, 2004 Brian Grany
Cassie begins to have disturbing dreams, as Azazeal makes the sacrifice he needs to regain his strength.
3 1x03   "Life Goes On" October 24, 2004 Brian Grant
Cassie continues to have sightings of Azazeal, and Thelma is worried. Troy, meanwhile, begins to finally show interest in Cassie.
4 1x04   "Deeper Into The Darkness" October 31, 2004 Brian Grant
Azazeal, desperate, manipulates Cassie through her mother.
5 1x05   "Possession" November 7, 2004 Brian Grant
Thelma, unable to get through to Cassie, resorts to extreme measures. Meanwhile, Cassie is being brutal to Troy.
6 1x06   "The Release" November 14, 2004 Brian Grant
Cassie must resist Azazeal to do the right thing, but he's working behind the scenes to get what he desires and Thelma fears for her existence.

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