"The people she was proclaimed witch"-David Tyler

Rachel McBain
Rachel McBain
Gender: Female   Female
Race: Witch
Born: 1715
Died: 1746
Family: Thomas McBain (husband);
Esther McBain (daughter)
James McBain (descendant)
Cassie Hughes (descendant)
Malachi (descendant)
Title: Mistress
First Appearance: The Story Begins, Part I
Portrayed by: Jessica Oyelowo

Rachel McBain was the first mistress of the Mendenham Estate and the first of the Mendenham Witches.

Character BiographyEdit

Rachel tries sneaking out of her house to visit the Slave Quarters, but is caught by her husband, Thomas McBain. When asked what she was doing, Rachel replied that she was needed in the kitchens. Once in the slave quarters, she watches as a Voodoo Priest performs a ritual while she has an affair with a slave.

She became facinated by the religion of the African Slaves (Voodoo). After a maid in her household went missing and was found in the lake, the locals began to believe that Rachel was a Witch. It is believed that she had sacrificed the maid in order to summon someone.

Over time, Rachel began to go insane. Her husband, Thomas, stayed with her until the very end.

Years after her death, Rachel is described as not having been very nice.


Series 1
The Story Begins, Part I

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