Perie the Faerie
Current Status: Dead
Gender: Female   Female
Race: Fairy
Abilities: Teleportation


Affiliation: Azazeal


Occupation: masked doctor
First Appearance: With a Little Help From My Friends Part One
Last Appearance: The Showdown
Cause: Series end
Portrayed by: Katrine De Candole
"The past is history, the future is a mystery, and this moment is a gift; that is why we call it the present."
―Perie the Faerie

Perie the Faerie is fairy and she was cared for by Azazeal's lover a later Malachi.Perie was a fairy and an ally to Malachi and Azazeal.

She was giving some medicines to Ella to it's her power waned. And she told Ella that she is her genuine real-life fairy. Perie was torturing Max with Azazeal and Jez,she was cut off Max's ear and finger. 

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