Maya Robertson
Maya Robertson.jpg
Current Status: Deceased
Gender: Female   Female
Race: Ghost
Died: November 13, 2005
Family: Unnamed mother
Abilities: Invisibility
Dream walking
Time travel
First Appearance: Where the Heart Is
Last Appearance: Hole
Cause: killed

Maya Robertson is lesbian girl you will kill Malachi so that her ghost can consort with Thelma and give him leverage.It can feel a love for Thelma.

Leon attempts to kill Malachi, but is betrayed by Thelma (in hopes of keeping her and Maya together in the living world). Thelma (because after Ella later kills Maya, he has no hold over her), and Ella herself, who had already been freed from Malachi's spell.Ella digs up Maya's corpse and beheads it, which destroys Maya's lingering presence on Earth.

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