Image Power User
250px Age Acceleration Malachi
The ability to age rapidly and then stopping at a certain point
Clairvoyance Clairvoyance Cassie Hughes
The ability to see the past or future through dreams
250px Dream Walking Thelma Bates
The ability to enter, view, and alter a person's dreams
Immortality Immortality Azazeal,
Ella Dee,
The ability to live forever and never age
250px Invisibility Thelma Bates,
Maya Robertson
The ability to not be seen by those around you
250px Mediumship Azazeal,
Roxanne Davenport,
Ella Dee,
Cassie Hughes,
Leon Taylor
The ability to see ghosts
250px Pyrokinesis Ella Dee
The ability to create and control fire with the mind
Telekinesis Telekinesis Ella Dee,
Cassie Hughes
The ability to move objects with the mind
250px Time Travel Thelma Bates
The ability to travel through time
250px Transformation Perie
The ability to change ones shapre or appearance

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Age AccelerationClairvoyanceDream WalkingImmortalityInvisibilityMediumshipPyrokinesisTelekinesisTime TravelTransformation

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