John Dee
John Dee Ashmolean
Gender: Male   Male
Race: Human
Born: 1527
Died: 1609
Family: Jane (wife)
Ella Dee (daughter)
many children
Occupation: Advisor to Queen Elizabeth I

Ella's father was astrologer, astronomer, geographer, mathematician and occultist, John Dee (1527 - 1609). He was a consultant to Queen Elizabeth I. Along with his assistant, Edward Kelley, he claimed he could speak with Angels, who taught him the Enochian language - the language of Angels. Ella celebrates her 446th birthday during this series of Hex. She was born out of wedlock as John Dee's first "legitimate" child was not born to him until his son Arthur in 1579. Hence Ella has always been slightly bitter about his behaviour towards her mother, of whom we know little.

John Dee has a history of suspect behaviour towards women. Whilst he professed to being a committed Christian, during his conversations with Angels he alleged they had told him to wife-swap with his colleague Edward Kelley. Whilst it is recorded that John Dee's wife, Jane, was not happy with the idea to begin with, she eventually agreed to it....