Standard U.K. English

  • Use standard U.K. English, to include U.K. spelling, because Hex is produced in the United Kingdom. Hex Wiki is not a blog.

Titles for Articles


Sword of Truth
The Taming of The Shrew
Of Mice and Men
And Then There Were None
The Same Old Story

Referring to Other Episodes

  • Use the Ep template (format {{ep|1|01}} echoes The Story Begins, Part I to the screen) to refer to episodes from within another article or other page as a part of continuous text.

Character/Actor Names

Real People (Cast / Crew)

Names of people in real life should have their article be in the following format:


Names of characters within Hex should have their article be in the following format:
  • Firstname Surname for example "Cassie Hughes".
  • Firstname Middlename Surname for example "Robert Albert Hobbes"

Linking to Real People

See the following example to link an article to a actor/actress or a member of the crew


Template:C Examples


Charcters, Cast & Crew

  • Cast and Crew are listed alphabetically by surname.
  • Characters are listed alphabetically by first name.

Category: Cast & Crew

The Category Cast & Crew is for subdirectories only. No articles / pages should be added to this category.

Hidden Categories

see: Hidden Categories
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