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Gender: Female   Female
Race: Human
Occupation: Student
First Appearance: The Story Begins, Part I
Last Appearance: The Release
Cause: left with Troy
Portrayed by: Zoe Tapper
Gemma is Roxanne’s beautiful, immature, and ditzy friend. She is in a relationship with Troy.

Character Biography Edit

Gemma is a student at Mendenham that is friends with Roxanne Davenport. She is in a relationship with Troy that she describes as being based purely on sex. Gemma does not find Leon to be all that popular but attends his party every year because Troy does.

Gemma does not think much of Cassie Hughes, but believes that Troy will come back to her once he is finished with Cassie.

Gemma does not think much for herself and is concerned mostly with her looks. It is hinted at that she is bulimic.

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