Fallen Angel/Witch
Current Status: Alive
Gender: Male   Male
Race: Witch/Fallen Angel hybrid
Title: Messiah of fallen angels
Abilities: Telekinesis

Malachi is only half Fallen Angels half Witch this means that the hybrid. On the contrary, and the messiah Fallen Angels.

But before it was possible was still a boy according to the unborn baby and words Peggy that in ancient Egypt Azazeal fell in love with an Egyptian princess Herath, and she became pregnant, but because people fear him as a persecuted princess was buried alive with only Azazeal unborn child. Even when the Azazeal wanted to prevent Cassie Hughes wanted to abortion he once said he lost a son not once referring to The kid Malachi who was also in his mother's belly Cassie Hughes When Cassie Hughes became pregnant with Azazeal, her stomach is not seen but the hour grew more and more. When Cassie wanted her to have an abortion doctor took out a baby is not born, which means that the Ghots Thelma Bates has not disappeared. Malachi is growing rapidly which means when Cassie asked what drink asteroids, he said due to rapid growth.

Known Witch/Fallen Angel hybridEdit

Witch Image Born Powers and Abilites
The unnamed baby BC Unknown
Malachi-hex-575865 1280 720
/ Telepathy