The Canari is a blue vase with three legs, which appear to haver originally been nails as they are very sharp. It has been used for a variety of magical causes. It's primary use appears to have been for the collection of blood from a sacrificial victim. It served this purpose in the series twice in the first episode.

The Canari was a major prop device in the first series, although it only appeared in the first few episodes of the second series, and was later removed along with the rest of Cassie's possesions after her death.

Voodoo RitualsEdit

The Canari is first seen being used by the Voodoo Priest in some form of ritual that involved killing a chicken. Here, it was used to collect the blood of the checken after it's throat had been cut. Later, the canari, along with a corss made of two bones held together with human hair, was hidden in the slave's quarters, probably by Rachel McBain.

Link to the PastEdit

Once Cassie Hughes finds the canari hidden in the Slave Quarters she begins to use the canari as a source of using her clairvoyant abilities while awake. Upon descovering the canari, she pricks her finger on one of its three legs, and a drop of blood falls into the vase. This appears to awaken Cassie's latent powers, as well as alerting Azazeal to the fact that she's "ready" for him, and summoning him to Mendenham. Physical contact with the canari causes Cassie to have a variety of vission, commonly involving women who have been seduced by Azaeal in the past.

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